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Experience The Best of The Red Sea

Red Sea Liveaboards stunning marine wildlife, beautiful corals, amazing wrecks, turquoise lagoons – experience it all with Blue Planet Liveaboards.

The Fleet

We are the owner and operator of the Red Sea Liveaboards MY Blue Planet 1, MY Blue Pearl, MY Blue Seas and our new flag ship MY Blue what will be finish in October 2015.

Liveaboard Availability

Here you can find our current availability for diving cruise, Red Sea liveaboards for single booking or small groups. Take your change and book today.


Choose your itinerary. Discover the best coral reefs in the world and see one of the world’s most mesmerising marine environments, flourish nearly every species of coral and incredible fish life.

The Blue Planet Liveaboards Fleet

Blue Planet Liveaboards have some of the most state of the art liveaboard vessels in the Red Sea. Thrill -seekers, Kitesurfer will enjoy the drift through the turquoise lagoons powered only by the wind.

See our fleet below to learn more…

Red Sea Liveaboards for new beginners and old hands.

It does not matter if you spend already your diving holiday for years or if you are visiting it for the first time. A diving cruise , dive safari on the ship brings you for sure in any case, comfortable to the most beautiful and best dive sites in the Red Sea .

News and Informations

Dolphins in Sataya

“Dolphins have been interacting with humans for as long as we have known of their existence”.

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Red Sea dive guide


Red Sea dive guide Nemo
Since long time he have a friendly relation with the sea. Nemo comes from Alexandria north of Egypt located directly on the Mediterranean Sea. His home is just 50 meter in front […]

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New collection 2015

New collection 2015 from Blue Planet Liveaboards
Our new collection 2105 from Blue Planet Liveaboards are available at 26 of March 2015 on MY Blue Planet 1, MY Blue Pearl and MY Blue Seas.

The sentence of […]

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Let your dive dreams come true!

The Red Sea offers some of the best dives in the world.

Discover the best coral reefs and historical ship wrecks in the world and see one of the world’s most mesmerising marine environments, flourish nearly every species of coral and incredible fish life on Red Sea Liveaboards.

Also for kite surfers, Egypt have perfect conditions with its lagoons and fresh winds over the sea.

Start your Red Sea Holiday with Blue Planet Liveaboards.

  • Enjoy the historical ship wreck in the north of Egypt.
  • Visit Daedalus Reef and see a school of Hammerheads.
  • Go deep in the South to see a fantastic marine life.
  • Brother Island is a must for all experience divers.
  • Kite surfers will enjoy the drift through the blue lagoons of the Red Sea.

Scuba Reviews

Great Dives on the Brothers

“Delicious food, nice companions, great guide and the circumstances you can wish for a liveaboard! I can fully recommend Blue Planet Liveaboards, even their small MY Blue Planet 1 welcoming their guests with a great and helpfull crew.”

Max reviewed MY Blue Planet 1

What a great experience!

“I enjoyed every single minute onboard of the MY Blue Pearl in October 2014. The crew was wonderful and the service unforgettable. I can only recommend such a trip to every advanced diver willing to discover great places and ship wrecks in the Red Sea. I will come back for sure!”

Dominique reviewed MY Blue Pearl